Ohio Jeld-Wen Doors Bring your vision to life by improving your Columbus home's curb appeal with JELD-WEN Doors.

Crafted with passion and precision, JELD-WEN doors are decorative, durable, and affordable. These products, mostly windows, and doors, come in various colors, designs, and materials. This ensures the company meets the varying needs and preferences of its consumers. 

As a trustworthy company with decades of experience, we design solutions for your Columbus, Ohio, home improvement needs. We primarily aimed to improve security, lower energy bills, and increase curb appeal. In addition, by going green, we hope to protect the environment.

For over six decades, JELD-WEN doors have focused on wood, fiberglass, and steel to produce some of the world's finest windows and doors. While some wooden products have a shorter lifespan, our wooden windows and doors are highly durable, safeguarding against insects, rain, and decay. 

The secret to this protection is AuraLast, a patented wood owned by our company. Another innovation to strengthen our product lines is Auraline. It's a better alternative to wood and vinyl. It's more durable, gleaming, and cost-effective, and our crowds of customers rave about it.
Also, our fiberglass, vinyl, steel, and other materials offer maximum protection against the weather elements. To meet the lifestyle of clients, we specialize in the most popular windows and doors styles on the market. These include coastal, farmhouse, modern, and traditional. 

So, you'll find any of our products meeting these four lifestyles. Regarding door types, we focus more on panel, bifold, and louver. In addition, our windows include bow, bay, octagon fixed, and sliding. Finding gothic fixed casement, awning, and pocket is also popular. 

These are high-definition products engineered with your safety and comfort in mind. You can trust any of our products to last a lifetime. This is why all our products come with a comprehensive warranty. However, each material type comes with a specific contract.

For instance, we provide a 20-year warranty for wood and wood clad windows, a 10-year warranty for aluminum windows, and a lifetime warranty for vinyl windows. Also, we only give this promise to the original owner, so it isn't transferable. 

Our warranty covers material and craftsmanship. And depending on the defect, we can choose to repair, replace, or offer a refund. As the leading brand with a wide range of windows and doors, we offer the lowest price in the industry. Yet, it doesn't imply that we compromise on quality. 

JELD-WEN Doors guarantees safety and comfort with high-tech products made from authentic materials. They are more robust, durable, and beautiful to make you proud. Additionally, they are also energy-efficient, sound-proof, and low maintenance.
This exceptional quality will provide you with the comfort, security, and peace of mind that you desire, but only a few companies offer. You'll be proud to be a part of this amazing group of satisfied and healthy customers.

We have a few of the industry's most qualified and respected artisans. They are insured, certified, and licensed by the appropriate authorities to make improvements to your home. They always work with the utmost professionalism, regardless of the project. 

As a result, most architects, designers, homeowners, and others trust their instincts. Our skilled Columbus door installers will combine your ideas with their technical expertise to improve the interior and exterior of your home.
This ensures you have an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, stylish, and secure home. We are always available for business. So, if you are looking for a home improvement company that has been in business for more than sixty years, we welcome you. 
Our experience, product innovation, and flexible payment options will benefit you. Never look elsewhere because Columbus JELD-WEN Doors is waiting to exceed your expectations.
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